Teenagers with Gynecomastia

As embarrassing as it is for an adult male, gynecomastia can be a pretty emotionally disturbing journey for a teenager. If you look at the statistics, more than 50% of boys in their puberty and teenage are affected with this condition. Generally known as man boobs, this condition normally shows up when one is going through puberty and even in boys as young as 10.

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Symptoms of Gynecomastia in teenagers

Gynecomastia is just a medical name for large breasts like structure on men or boys. As far as the size is concerned there have been no specifications for the same. However, you might notice that your chest is not as flat as it used to be and your chest looks quite similar to that of a woman’s breasts. Now, apart from the size factor, one can also notice a firm and rubbery feeling. A breast bud could also exist in either one or both the breasts. These buds are as small as the size of a nickel or quarter and appear with the onset of puberty. Most of the hormone raged teenagers might take this as a cause for concern but this puberty induced breast enlargement isn’t permanent and will eventually go away.

Puberty Induced Gynecomastia

Breast enlargement can be a result of many health factors, but when it comes to teenagers, most of the time it is hormonal change based. To get a clear understanding, male breast starts to enlarge when you are a baby which has been considered as the first level of breast development in men. The second stage of this development occurs when the child reaches his puberty stage. From puberty there is a gradual decline in the male breast size and within a few years, they return to the normal flat state.

When a man reaches his 60 to 80 age slot, the breast tissues again start developing. In case of a new born baby, the estrogen that reaches inside the body of the baby from his mother is known to be the causal factor behind breast development in children which is not much and disappears soon enough.

Though very rare, but in some cases of teenage gynecomastia, the causal factor can be a tumor which tends to produce estrogen and hence causing the breasts to enlarge. Any breast enlargement caused by puberty based hormones tends to reduce maximum by two years. Most of them are gone within a year of their onset.

Is treatment a necessity for teenagers?

Teenboobs can be pretty embarrassing and uncomfortable but they usually do not require any medical treatment. However if a tumor is the reason behind this breast enlargement then you might want to seek immediate medical attention to treat the underlying cause of the same.

If this condition causes you embarrassment, try to talk to your parents or take help from a counselor. Do not indulge in gulping medicines or drugs that would suppress the onset of breasts without the doctor’s advice as it might cause negative consequences. Also remember that there is a big difference between body fat and gynecomastia.

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