Buying or Making a Perfect Gift for Everyone

Searching for a perfect gift for your loved ones can be a tiring and time taking job. Be it for your husband, wife, boy or girl friend, boss, teacher, neighbor, etc. Finding the right gift can be really be a chore when you do not know where to begin.

A lot of us go hunting for the perfect gift only to end up feeling sad that we can not give that person what we think will be the perfect gift. Either it look’s cheap, because it is, or they do not need or want what you feel that you can afford. Finding the perfect gift is a real problem when you are trying to find something that the other person would really like to have, and you are on a limited (or worse) no budget.

For most people, gift giving ends up being a kind of guessing game. It has been quite a while, but I use to have that very problem. I also use to spend hours and even days trying to find the perfect gift for someone that was special to me. Occasionally, time would run out and I felt obligated and disappointed when I had to just pick out anything.

My continued disappointment over finding the perfect gift for people important to me lead me to start a new way of shopping for things that I thought different people in my life would really like.

This is what I do now, and you should try it also before you do any shopping

1st – Make a list of each person you are going to buy for, leaving space to write below each name:

Then put on that list (under their name) what each person person does for a living, including the most important occupation – homemakers).
Under the occupation, put what their personal interests and hobbies are (do they ride motorcycles, knit, fish, etc.)
Is the look of their home shabby chic, Victorian, modern? Do they even care what it looks like?
You might even ask a few people who knows the gift receiver what kind of things they think that the person you are shopping for wants or needs, that helps you to complete your list of gifts for each of the people that you shop.
Have two or three things listed for each person (set a price that you can afford (do not go over it) or choose to not spend money on the gift) before you start to shop (that way if you can not find one of the gifts, you can choose another).
Then take your list and go fight the malls, go online, or go to your kitchen, den, bedroom, garage, etc.. Wherever you need to go to complete your shopping or construction of your gift.
Save your list from year to year ( It might be wise to put it in a plastic folder to keep it clean) you should mark off anything you buy, so you will not repeat the gift at a later time.
Your list will grow (and shorten) each year for each person you buy for (as you learn more about what they have. need or have received).
Keep the list handy and refer back to it during birthdays, Christmas and other times of the year that are significant for that person.

Today gift shopping for others can be stress free and rather enjoyable. Years ago you would have to get dressed, get in your car, and go to the mall and fight the traffic to shop. Now you can just go on online with your list, and know exactly what to buy (because you have done your homework). The person who receives the gift will always be happy and thankful for the thoughtfulness and time you put in deciding what to buy (or make) for them.

The holidays will be here again soon and the virtual malls and stores will be full of well-intentioned shoppers running themselves ragged looking for that perfect gift.

Beat them to the punch by being prepared for your shopping.

Find new excitement for what is sometimes tiring, often stressful experience without spending more time or money than you can afford.

Using these few simple tips, gift-giving can be a rewarding experience this year and a highly anticipated adventure in years to come.

If you would like more information follow me to, where you will find gift instructions, and options to make or purchase gifts along with free downloadable gifts.