Healthcare Technology And The Growing Demand

A survey revealed that out of 1000 people who were aware of the healthcare technologies, 4 out of 10 told that they own a health gadget or use a health application. Other 2 in 10 told that they do not own or use any health related items but they are planning to do so in future. In Singapore, the health care start-up industry is booming up and it has been able provide lots of health care services to meet the ever increasing demand. Many apps are developed which provide useful health related services like helping the patients to find and get connected directly with doctors , allowing consumers to have personalized diet planned by famous dieticians and many more. Several emerging start-ups of Singapore like the RingMD, Cardiatrics and PX plate are helping people to get easy access towards the best doctors and medical services and all this happens at your fingertips. They have successfully brought all the health care services to the digital platform so that their services can be easily accessed by the common people. Through the advanced health care techniques, now people need not have to run to the particular centres repeatedly as very thing can be monitored at their own home with help of health gadgets or apps along with timely feedback.