What To Expect When Switching From Cigarettes To Vaping Nicotine

Switching from cigarette smoking to vaping is a smart decision. Simply choosing to stop inhaling carbon monoxide only will help you improve your health status dramatically. There are many switching from smoking to vaping benefits.

It will assist in clearing your body toxins, getting rid of tobacco smell and taste and increase oxygen flow to your body. This also helps you save your money. Here are some of the common challenges you are likely to face during this transition;

1. Coughing.

This is your body’s way of cleaning out your airways by getting rid of toxins and blockage. Smoking cigarettes promoted the build up of tar in your lungs. The longer the duration you smoked, the more the tar accumulated in your lungs.

After staying for some days without smoking the tar will stop building up, and your lungs will start clearing up the tar making you experience a colossal urge to cough to remove tar inform of phlegm. You should take a lot of water to speed up these clearing process and decrease the coughing persistence.

2. Headache.

This is what many people fear. A headache is due to the fluctuating level of nicotine in your body and the different way it is absorbed into your body. Your body might be exposed to either too little or too much nicotine than it is used to. To solve this, you should find the e-liquid nicotine strength you feel comfortable with and start adjusting the level downward.

3. Dizziness.

This is due to the increased level of oxygen supply in your brain. Since smoking deprives blood circulation by constricting your blood vessels, when you start vaping the blood circulation will rise therefore increasing the amount of oxygen supplied to the brain.

As your body is exposed to more oxygen, you are likely to feel dizzy and lightheaded because your brain is now getting used to the rise in oxygen level that was deprived. This can typically last for less than one week. You can also experience dizziness when you consume too much nicotine.

To solve this, you should alternate low and high nicotine strengths. Use the low-level nicotine mostly and only use the upper-level nicotine when you want tar swap the strong urge to smoke.

4. Allergy.

Your body may start reacting to these e-liquids leading to stomach upsets, diarrhea, and even nausea. You should inquire the PG/VG liquid content you are about to buy to make sure you get the best for you to reduce these allergy reactions.


With these 4 challenge’s alone, you should try your best to get rid of smoking. Millions of people have quit smoking through vaping and weaning their nicotine levels.